How to Grow a Majestic Palm in Minnesota

Majestic Palm

Like many minnesotans, I left Home Depot this weekend with some new family members, 3 wonderful and on sale Majestic palm trees.  But we aren’t a big palm tree climate, so how does one keep them alive. They need a big base to keep them from getting blown over and our climate is a little cool for palm trees.

here are some tips.

1. Buy a big pot, I got this 19 inch planter at HD for only $34 bucks.

2.  Place a layer of rocks on the bottom of the pot to keep the roots from sitting in water, Just in case one of your kids over-waters it.

3.  Place palm in pot and cut one side of plastic bucket with a sharp knife or strong scissors.

4. Remove bucket and fill with potting soil.  Most MN soil will have too much clay for the normally sandy palms.

5. Water, pack down the sides and fill with more soil.

6. Brush the extra soil into your neighbors yard and enjoy.

7. Palms like a lot of moisture so spray with water every couple days and water every other day.

8.  They won’t survive outside once it gets too much below 65 so enjoy them while you can. Unless you plan to move them inside, they are like a big annual.  Hopefully you got them on sale like I did.

Rob Barrett, Jr.


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5 Responses to “How to Grow a Majestic Palm in Minnesota”

  1. Chuck Zamzow Says:

    Majesty Palms ARE boggy plants – you can’t over water them – they needs lots of water – otherwise your pretty much on the money.

  2. cookingfordads Says:


    Actually I’ve moved them inside this winter and ifthey sit in too much water the roots start to decay and the leaves turn yellow. It looks like they are too dry, but they’re not, they have too much water.

    We’ll see how they do these last couple dry months.

  3. chrissy Says:

    I love this idea, saw these at rona (like HDepot) today. i’m going to store to buy one tomorrow – how much cost you? here they are $40 so only getting one – but it is big 6ft high. Is it still alive? how’s it doing?I will try to winter it as well but no guarantee – we dont have much light in winter up here in canada..

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