How to be a good dad, (or so I’ve heard.)

1. Spend time with your kids. the earlier in their life the better

2. Be the disciplinarian. It takes effort but shows them you love them.

3. When possible be fair. Again, it takes effort.

4. Only have one hobby. Don’t golf and fish and play softball and something else.  Do one thing, and only do it one day a week.  Any more than that on a regular basis and you’re spending too much time away. Ask your wife.

5. Read to your kids.

6. Every night, ask your kids their high point and low point of the day. Tell them yours.

7. Don’t play Playstation or Xbox, unless you’re playing with your kids and even then don’t do it too often.

8. Be a grown up, and not a kid. Be a father not their friend.  They will have many friends in their life but only one father.

9. Keep your sense of wonder, explore with them, find out how things work.

10.  Cook, and do it with your kids.

11. Say “I love you” a lot, and sometimes even use words. (Thanks Sarah B.)

12. Love your wife (Thanks Nina)

13. Listen, especially dads with teenage girls, try and understand their drama.  (Thanks Mike H,)

14. Try as much as possible to say yes, saying no comes too easily. (Thanks Brian M.)

15. Lead by example, hypocrisy undermines all other efforts. (Thanks Brad S.)

Any other ideas, put it in the comments.

Rob Barrett, Jr. Father of Two.


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2 Responses to “How to be a good dad, (or so I’ve heard.)”

  1. Bryan Says:

    Your kids are a bit older than mine Rob, but it sounds like you’ve already gathered some great advice. One that I would add: Find a reason to say “Yes” as often as possible instead of “No.” You would be surprised how often we automatically say “no” because it’s inconvenient, or merely a programmed response.

  2. Says:

    “How to be a good dad, (or so Ive heard.
    ) | Rob Barrett, stuff” was in fact a great article, cannot
    wait to browse alot more of ur blogs. Time to waste a lot of time on-line haha.
    Regards -Ivy

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